Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom as a little girl

My mom as a little girl

Today I am pausing to celebrate one of the super heroes in my abundantly delicious life: My Mom!

I think about her so many times and sense her influence on so many of my actions and choices throughout every day. One of the memorable moments she came into my thoughts today was on my afternoon run. Instead of listening to my audio player singing songs to me, I ended up singing rounds of “Happy Birthday” to her.


I trust she could feel the positive, loving energy I was sending her way. My mind went from imaging my singing the little jingle to her (she’s my mom so she’d enjoy it, I think, despite being nowhere near to in tune or on key), then I imagined her getting the music in stereo with me on the phone and Dad in the room (stereophonic bad singing!)…quickly I moved to something more pleasant. What would she like?

I think something like this:

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Happy birthday, Mom!

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