Keep Your Heart Young

My brother Mike and I playing dress up

My brother Mike and I playing dress up

It was another amazingly gorgeous day here in Iowa. The kind of day I would expect to get in mid-September – sunny, breezy, low humidity, temps in 70s. One of those days when Mother Nature lures me out the door for a run.

Just like yesterday when Catie Curtis inspired the My Dad’s Heart post on my Mostly My Heart Sings blog, I found myself inspired by a song that came on my audio player. I was feeling really great – on a downhill and the likely effects of the sugar and caffeine from my stop at Panera for late morning bagel and Hazelnut coffee kicking in. Then, Brandi Carlile started belting out her You Gotta Keep Your Heart Young song:

…You gotta keep your heart young
Don’t go growin’ old before your time has come
You can’t take back what you have done
You gotta keep your heart young…

I was singin’ out loud, snappin’ my fingers, feelin’ happy. It was just the reminder I needed, as lately I’ve been having some self-talks about getting older – and that talk sure could use some adjustin’! ;]

When I was a kid, I didn’t plan to build a space rocket in my back yard or talk to my brother on a fake CB made from a tic-tac box – but I did have lots of fun playing with my brother over the years – and thoughts of that today make me feel young. Love you, Mike!


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