A Nibble of Abundant Deliciousness


Ah, the simple pleasures of life. Here, I think I’ll call them ‘nibbles’ – nibbles of abundant deliciousness.

Today it was

the surprise of a cool morning breeze of this summer August day

I awoke to a temperature just above 60F and saw the glitter of the leaves on the trees in the backyard blowing in the breeze – and I knew. I must get out there and be a part of this gift of a day. Mother Nature lured me out the door for a lovely run. Yes, this is the life I want to be living.


4 thoughts on “A Nibble of Abundant Deliciousness

  1. I too partook of this lovely midwest weather (low humidity – LOVE IT) and wandered around outside for 4 hours (no real running except to get out the way of a steam engine train.) 🙂 Thank you for the beautiful image (and separately, that fab email!)

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