My mom the hero

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While my cousin Sandy no longer lingers at the precipice of life, she is still in pain and has a long way to go before declaring victory (see below for previous posts). I continue to hold her in my heart, sending intentions daily that she continue to move toward health and recovery.

Today I celebrate my mom, Terry, who has been by Sandy’s side from saga’s beginning (which started in early June)…from changing her summer plans to get to CA to be by Sandy’s side in the ICU…to staying with Sandy at the hospital day and night as Sandy fought for her life, providing support and encouragement…to being with Sandy during her continued recovery providing whatever comfort seemed right…to now living with Sandy at home to get her to a point where she can care for herself.

My wish for you today, Mom, is peace. May stillness wrap itself around you. May you find comfort in the love that surrounds you,. May you sense my heart open towards you sending a thousand butterfly kisses. May you be blessed with a quiet knowing that just being is enough. Go slow, breathe, rest. May you truly appreciate how critical it is to care for yourself, and to ask for help. I love you.

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