* Delight in Waking Up

Vicki Flaherty:

This is a post from another wonderful new discovery – Val Boyko and her Find Your Middle Ground blog. Ah, something resonates about waking up with gentle affection. Thanks, Val.

Originally posted on Find Your Middle Ground:

waking up to sunshine

Believe in the goodness of your soul.

Acknowledge how well it has guided you.

And yet know that you will fall asleep along the way.

When you sleep,

Take no delight in blaming yourself.

Take delight in waking yourself up once more.

Self blame is the deepest injury,

The deepest sleep of all.

Wake yourself up with gentle affection.

Yogi Amrit Desai

I love this perspective :)

In the highs and lows of life, its all too easy to become disconnected from our inner Presence.

We fall further asleep when we blame or criticize ourselves and cannot see our innate goodness.

May we all take delight in waking up with gentle affection…

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The red barn in snow

The read barn

sitting among fields of snow

offers hope

Yesterday as I drove back from an abundantly delicious visit with my friend Peg, I was filled with hope. It was a bitter cold day and a red barn visible in the distance in a field covered in snow seemed to call out to me. Somehow I sensed it was a symbol of the renewed hope I was feeling. 

A Gift

Vicki Flaherty:

I received this as a gift today…Thanks to my new blog friend and kindred spirit, Laurie.

Originally posted on Laurie's Gentle Healing Notes:


On this day,

from a quiet prayer

across time,

comes a gift

 just for you –

a special gift

of peaceful thoughts

sent straight to your heart

on wings of love.

– by Laurie and Jordyn

(from a special birthday poem for our friend Trini.)

This poem is for all of us.

- image credit http://www.vintagemadeforyou.blogspot.com

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