a remarkable thing of beauty


Today is for being alive, feeling alive, living…and so I am here looking inside for what I have to express…

“Creative work is the fullest human expression of being alive…

The primary task of human beings is to creatively work

at making our lives a remarkable thing of beauty.’

~Earnie Larson & Carol Larsen Hegarty, Day of Healing, Day of Joy

* Photo credit:

“Life is a canvas, you are the brush, and all the colors lay before you. Paint your portrait.” – Chris Mott – Find Your Sprinkles – http://www.mottivation.com.

Advice from a Prairie

courtesy of http://ben.biomimicry.net

courtesy of ben.biomimicry.net

I picked up a bookmark at the Prairiewoods Retreat Center about 10 days ago when I attended a Wellfinity retreat for women. The bookmark holds my place in the current inspirational book I’m reading (The Book of Awakening: Having the LIfe You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have by Mark Nepo). The name on the bookmark is Advice from a Prairie, and it was created by Your True Nature – Set it free!

My top 3 favorite 3 messages printed on it are:

  • Stay open
  • Give yourself space
  • Be natural

Other Advice from a Prairie includes: explore new horizons, keep a sunny outlook, be patient through dry spells, and listen to the wind.

Visit YourTrueNature.com for more great advice from nature!

Read more about my experience at the retreat: Positively Affirming

The need to be porous and real


I recently started reading a new daily book of inspirations by Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening: Having the Life YouWant by Being Present to the Life You Have. The April 3 entry includes this delicious quote that really resonated for me:

“It remains important to reach out and to express oneself, but underneath that is the need to be porous and real. Through the opened heart, the world comes rushing in, the way oceans fill the smallest hole along the shore. It is the quietest sort of miracle: by simply being who we are, the world will come and fill us, to cleanse us, to baptize us, again and again.” ~Mark Nepo

* I took this photo in San Agustinillo, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2014

Determination and the power of fresh resolutions and reasonable goals

courtesy of finneranfitness.com

courtesy of finneranfitness.com

Ah…the feeling of satisfaction that comes from following through on a commitment.

I didn’t think I would do it. Turned out to be snowy here in NY today. So I wrote off going for a run.

My recent resolution to run a modest 1-3 miles at least 3 times a week got me asking myself – Not even a mile? Just 10 minutes? It’ll feel good to get up and move…

And with that, I put on my gear and headed out the door.

It felt great to be honoring the commitment I made to me!


An answer is a place where we can fall asleep

MysteryROK Ireland

“Perhaps real wisdom lies in not seeking answers at all. Any answer we find will not be true for long. An answer is a place where we can fall asleep as live moves past us to its next question. After all these years I have begun to wonder if the secret to living well is not in having all the answers but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company.”

Rachel Noami Remen on Mystery in My Grandfather’s Blessings

* I took this photo in Ireland, Ring of Kerry

From the largest possible perspective


“Everything and everyone has a dimension of the unknown. Mystery helps us to see ourselves and others from the largest possible perspective, as a unique and possibly endless process that may go on over lifetimes. To be living is to be unfinished. Nothing and no one is complete. The world and everything in it is alive.

Rachel Noami Remen on Mystery in My Grandfather’s Blessings

* I took this photo in Kruja, Albania

Touched by a wisdom that can transform our lives


We have not been raised to cultivate a sense of Mystery. We may even see the unknown as an insult to our competence, a personal failing. Seen this way, the unknown becomes a challenge to action. But Mystery does not require action; Mystery requires our attentions. Mystery requires that we listen and become open. When we meet the unknown in this way, we can be touched by a wisdom that can transform our lives.”

Rachel Noami Remen on Mystery in My Grandfather’s Blessings

* I took this photo in San Agustinillo, Oaxaca, Mexico at sunrise