#beintentional challenge


That completes my #beintentional campaign!

Ah…creating abundant deliciousness day by day…

If you followed along, I’d love to know if your intentions creating something for you.

If you missed the challenge, you can take it any time. Each day includes a question, and image and a quote to support intention.

The 10-day challenge intentions:


* image courtesy of quotesgram

#beintentional – Day 10 – Accepting


For Day 10 of my 10-day personal #beintentional campaign, I’m asking myself:

When today did I observe what was happening with acceptance and without judgment?




To me this does not mean I don’t set high goals and intend great outcomes (I want to be like Pip and have great expectations – rather, it means letting go of having to know what the solution looks like and opening to even more than I can imagine being possible or realizing that the path to the outcome or goal is different than I expected.

See previous intentions:


* image courtesy of cloverleafschool

* quote from havingtime.com