A tribute to Libby

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Last night was another very special Chakra Group gathering. Ginny had the wonderful idea to host a tribute Blair’s daughter, Libby, who is heading off to college next month. What a delicious celebration of womanhood, heritage, independence, and the cycles of life.  We opened our gathering with They Who Are Wild Wacky Women by Suzy Toronto. Such wisdom and love shared by the group. One of my contributions was this poem that I was inspired to write as an offering to Libby. Thanks to the group for their friendship and inspiration, and all the best to Libby!

The Call of College
By Vicki L. Flaherty, 17 July 2013

Going off to college is a time of independence
Where the freedom to grow stretches far out into the horizon
Where the air is filled with the adventure of possibility
Where friends and community linger around every corner

May you be filled with hope about the experiences ahead
May you embrace the opportunities that walk into your path
May your steps be confident as you encounter new challenges

May you find wisdom in even the most unexpected places
May you learn lessons that guide your life powerfully forward
May you move with a sense of grace as you dance with the unfamiliar

Be awake and curious, open and unattached
Listen to your heart as it whispers your dreams
Know that you are enough, just as you are
For your special qualities are your strength

Live each day and it will never be taken away
As you create memories that will last a lifetime
You step toward a future that is uniquely yours

© Vicki Flaherty, 2013

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