At home on the deck

Baby wren peaking out of it's house

Baby wren peaking out of it’s house

Mama wren feeding babies

Mama wren feeding babies

Last night I finally snapped a few clear photos of the mama wren feeding her babies at the little house that I hung on one of the candle hooks mounted to a deck post. What a wonderful treat for Jim and I to watch the hard-working mama as we enjoyed our evening outdoors last night. I swear a few times it seemed like the babies were crying in rhythm with the music that was playing from the nearby speaker.  🙂  Mama has such a beautiful song – well, most of the time!  I think I realized there were babies in the house one day when I was near it watering the flower pots. The mama’s song was not at all sing-songy…more of a repetitive clucking that she uses to communicate to her babies to keep the noise down. Looking forward to more adventure out there this evening!

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