Preparation progress

Driving directions and maps for our trip to Portugal

Driving directions and maps for our trip to Portugal

Jim has been hard at work! The photo shows the fruits of his labor: driving directions for each leg of our trip in Portugal later this summer. He has created these awesome travel maps for our vacation the past couple of years. He creates them and I use them. Thankfully, he’s the driver; I’m the navigator! (He is an awesome driver – you’ve never seen anyone parallel park like he can – which, I have to say, in Europe, especially near beaches and in towns, is essential!) The maps enable us to get where we want to go without the stress of getting lost -YEAH! (Who likes the passion and emotion of feeling lost when you are just trying to have fun!) Really, since he’s been doing this, we have missed a turn or two – and realized it so we could quickly correct it – but never gotten lost. We’ve diverted from the plan a few times, too, when something inspired us. THANKS, Jim! You are an awesome travel companion.

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