Love floating across the sky

I can almost see it. I trail of hearts across the sky, like the wispy lines that airplanes sometimes leave on a blue-sky day. My heart is reaching west today. To California, where my cousin Sandy is in the hospital recovering from a staff infection and pneumonia. That’s where my mother is, too. At Sandy’s bedside. Best friends, like sisters. I’m happy my loving, gentle and kind mother is there with my special cousin…I can almost feel each caress of Mom’s tender hand against Sandy’s soft delicate skin and sense the healing energy my Mom creates with her constant prayers. My Dad’s there, too, supporting the situation in the way that he does so well – making it possible for others to be and do what they need. This time it’s driving the RV down to California alone after Mom flew down yesterday. I know how hard it is for him to be away from Mom, ever since we thought we almost lost her 2 years ago – and his courage inspires me. Sending love…

3 thoughts on “Love floating across the sky

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