Quietly waiting for…

La Mia Vita Felice courtesy of youjingxin.tumblr.com

La Mia Vita Felice courtesy of youjingxin.tumblr.com

…life to come to me? What if I seized today and the life that is in it? What if I let go of the if/thens…let go of the sense that tomorrow the good stuff will happen…truly embraced the possibilities of the day, without fear that I’m not doing enough, being enough? Today I choose to let go of that little nagging feeling that I could, should be doing more, or something bigger, or better. Today ‘what is’ and who I am is enough.


4 thoughts on “Quietly waiting for…

  1. Come to think of a couple of sayings:
    ‘The way you live today – is the way you live your life’, and ‘Don’t wander from room to room in search of the beautiful necklace – that is already around your neck’.
    As always, I enjoy your vibrant blogposts with your occational personal poems, and the human empathy emanating from them.
    (I think this is the pervasive greeting best befitting as cybergreeting here :))

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