Mystery and wonder

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I noticed I was afraid. Of what? Imagined possibilities. Possibilities that, after some thought, seemed contrived, made up by my self-protecting ego unnecessarily overdoing things (as she’s prone to do).

Noticing the fear, I saw an invitation. A call to look at what I was feeling and be curious about it. Rachel (author of My Grandfather’s Blessings), supported me in moving to a place I’d rather be. She writes of Mystery – how there is something that can never be known, how it requires listening and being open, and how Mystery helps us see ourselves and others from the largest possible perspective.

The insights were delicious. From this place of looking, I was able to move to a place of calm, where I could look beyond, take in the vast expanse and put things in perspective, ground them in reality.

Another inspiration book, time for joy by Ruth Fishel, also offered me a little gift to help me shift: “All problems fade in proportion as you develop this ability to be quiet, to behold and to witness divine harmony unfold…” ~Joel S. Goldsmith

In this quiet, awesome, inspiring place of inquiry, this playground for discovery, I found myself opening to the unknown, seeing the possibility for wonder, joy, and aliveness in what might happen. So I begin my day grateful for being awake enough to notice what’s going on inside, for choosing to consciously create my reality,  and for taking action to change my perspective and empower forward action. With the release of my False Expectations Appearing Real, I feel ready to rise gracefully & quietly to the challenges ahead, to open to the possibility of joy and peace, and to be fully alive in what shows up.

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