026Jim and I had a great weekend in Chicago for my friend Peg’s graduation. She got her Bachelor’s of Arts in Management from Loyola’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies yesterday. In typical Peg style, she not only graduated Magna Cum Laude, she was also selected to give a speech as part of the commencement ceremony. She spoke eloquently of self-awareness, change and transformation. I was so honored to be there among her beautiful family on this wonderful occasion.

peg's clan

Since I’ve known Peg she has looked deep within herself for answers to life’s most important decisions, and followed her heart. It’s one of the many things I love about her (others include her fun-loving spirit, her determination, her clarity about what she wants). Peg and I met when we were 15 running cross-country for Gar-Field High School in Dale City, VA. Seems we may have occasion to run together again – Peg’s next big ambition is to complete a marathon before she turns 50.

Celebrating you, my friend!  I love you, Peg.



When I read this inspirational post this evening, I thought of Peg and her commencement speech. No coincidences that she’s the one who introduced me to Higher Awareness many years ago!


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