Facilitating leadership

This week I’m in Armonk, New York as part of a team of facilitators supporting a group of new executives in discovering who they are, what they have the power to create, and actions they’ll commit to in order to make a difference. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this amazing experience, to have the support of my manager and my team as I step away from my ‘day job’ for a few days as well as the encouragement of my husband, my family and friends, to be able to use my strengths and do something I love, to grow and make discoveries as I help others grow and make discoveries. What a gift! I love this abundantly delicious life.

As I think about tomorrow and creating an experience with the participants, I envision being in flow, dancing with my team facilitator, and our being conductors, like music makers. I liked the image of the room in this facilitator graphic – doesn’t it look like the room is alive with a sense of adventure, purpose, energy, and creativity?


4 thoughts on “Facilitating leadership

  1. One of my colleagues will be attending your session, Vicki….He’s lucky to have you as a facilitator! Enjoy!!

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