when it all works out


I don’t like it when I disappoint Jim. I’ve done it big, though. Like when I left the car running in the garage with the door closed that night we went out to dinner with clients, and the fire department came to our house. Or, the time I drove the old car down south for a business meeting and never called him at home like we agreed to confirm my safe arrial, and he called the state police worried about me. I know we’re not perfect, but really?

The latest thing was on a smaller scale (thank goodness!). I borrowed Jim’s cell phone for a trip I made last month. (OK, so now you know that I am the last living person who does not own a cell phone.) I was going to be gone for several days so I took the charger with me. When I got back from the trip, I had the phone, but, guess what? No charger. All of a sudden it was clear to me why Jim never (never, ever) takes the charger with him on his trips. Who would’ve guessed you might lose the thing? Jim, that’s who. Vicki, not so much.

I realized the charger was gone after unpacking. I checked every nook and cranny of my bags to no avail. That little sense of panic creeping in, I immediately called the hotel to ask them to check room 619. I was certain that the charger had fallen out of my little power cord bag onto the floor by the desk. My hope was that they would find it, send it, and I could just put it back where Jim keeps it in the bedroom drawer. (Do you see the perfect me not wanting to reveal my imperfectness by even letting on I’d messed up?)

But, several days later, I had to resign myself that the hotel was not going to come through. I dreaded having to tell Jim that I’d lost the charger. I was pretty sure I couldn’t just go to Best Buy and get a new one. His cell phone is an old basic pay as you go thing, like in the photo (try not to laugh too loud).  Not that I didn’t stand scour the store and stand in line for help, holding on to impossible hope they’d have something that would work. They had lots of coverter options, and wouldn’t you know it, not a single one would work. My shoulders must have sunk all the way to the floor in defeat. I think just before they hit, one of the 3 young guys working the mobility center ask a brilliant question: Does that phone have a simcard?

Of course, I didn’t know what that meant. The guy explained it to me, doing a bit of show and tell, actually pulling out the simcard so I got a clear picture. (I must have looked like one of those people who is out of touch with telephone technology…) The phone is just a shell; the brains of it are in the card and you can move the card to a new shell.  A shell that has an adapter. Voila!  A solution. Yeah!

Then, I wondered, what is this going to cost me. Beyond the emotional cost, like in dollars? Well, it turns out, just $14.99!  Yeah again!  And, there were options – a flip top variety or one more like the old one (only a bit more modern looking).  So I bought them both and took home the problem and possible solutions to Jim. What an exciting way to start a Friday night.

When I fessed up, you know what? Jim was cool as a cucumber. Mr. Understanding about the whole thing. He checked out the phone options and did some research online. Within 30 minutes, he was sitting there with a new phone, complete with an adapter (one that his wife will NOT remove from the house!) He liked the flip phone (we took back the other one).

Total cost: lots of worrying and stress for Vicki, and $14.99 plus tax for a new phone.

Priceless: Jim told me the other day he was happy to have a cool new phone. THAT makes me happy, very happy!

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