Beat writer’s block!

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Finally!  I have a first draft for assignment #4. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get something on paper. (Yes, I write on paper to get started and then reach a point where the computer serves to help me sort my thoughts.)  I got the assignment on Tuesday morning, along with the lesson on Fiction. I read the lesson – ok, I didn’t do it right away. (I have a ‘day job’!)  I did it over several days at night in bed, reclined on my pillows, glasses propped on the top of my head and squinting at the fine print (do you hear, bi-focals?!).  I did, however, read the assignment right away. I figured I could begin to get my my mind and heart working on it.

Well, nada. Nothing. I played with it. Got nowhere. Stuck.  Hmmm…everything else for the class has come with relative ease. Well, at least the nugget of an idea has come quickly – the work has been in refining and applying the OIL and S3 and showing and not telling.

We got a prompt. It just wasn’t working for me. I felt constrained. I noticed how I don’t like that feeling. Resistance set in. I want to write about what my heart calls me to. This prompt was getting in my way. Utlimately, I realized I hadn’t really created an environment for creativity to flow. It’s been “one of those weeks” – I was movin’ and shakin’. Getting things done. Long hours at my desk.

So today, I made space. I settled into a sanctuary. And guess what? After several pages of scribbling, a nugget took hold. I think I have something!

Stay tuned…you’ll get to find out why Chris was starting to question the wisdom of her trip.  I, too, look forward to seeing where things go. It always amazes me, the winding road to a story!

2 thoughts on “Beat writer’s block!

  1. Hi Vicki! I love this journey! I personally think you should just submit the blog as your homework. It’s that good! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about YOUR chris, and hoping to figure out mine. Onward!

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