Ask and you shall receive

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Yesterday I finally put away the vase that had graced my desk for weeks. I’d been enjoying the flowers my friend Lati gave me for my birthday (see Celebratory Circle), until I’d gotten down to one lone pale red alstroemeria blossom falling in petals onto my desktop.  This morning when I came into my office, I really missed having the pretty flower smiles to greet me and thought “I could use some flowers in here.”

A short time after that, I started my day with Day 9 of Deepak and Oprah’s 21-day Meditation Challenge. Today’s focus was on how our outer world reflects our inner world. Deepak used an example of how having flowers around can affect our spirits. With that, my intention got clearer “I’m going to get some flowers today.”

Imagine my surprise when my friend Dana showed up for our lunch date today with a beautiful spring bouquet of flowers for me!  (see the photo) I couldn’t believe it. I love it when the universe provides!  🙂

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