Soft hum of a new year

Letting Go

Work has been flowing this week. There’s a rhythm, a soft hum as the wheels begin to move on a new year.  Interesting projects have shown up that involve trying something new. The environment is begging for creativity, innovation. My teams are engaged and collaborating powerfully, sharing, exploring, open. I like it when my job feels like this!


2 thoughts on “Soft hum of a new year

  1. Vicki,
    Great quote and blog entry 🙂
    I can align with both, the quote referring to times under hard pressure, when I reverted to unhealthy tendencies of micro-management (turning green and blue in the HBDI CIRCLE).
    And your narrative describing those perfect moments, when ‘all cylinders are firing’, leading to into an awesome flow sensation, while cruising along in my yellow and slightly red Herman Brain comfort zones.
    As always, a case has two sides – literally a firm grib is a good thing if your tire should suddenly explode;)

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