Toward Forward


Forward, toward, ahead…anticipation…what’s next…the future…

Yesterday a friend pointed out that it seemed like over the past several years I’ve been wondering out loud with her: Where am I going? Am I moving forward? We were both curious about why it seemed so important to me given that right where I am is so abundantly delicious.

Tony Robbins’ LinkIn post on The Secret to Communicating More Effectively: Metaprogram #1 may have pointed me to the answer, or at least part of it: Because I am the type of person who moves toward things (versus the type who moves away from things).  Seems to me that requires a forward-looking perspective, a focus on the future, or at least some clarity about what’s there for me.

I see this kind of forward-future thinking tendency play out every day as I do stuff. I get a few steps ahead of myself sometimes. Well, actually, I get ahead of myself a lot. I anticipate what’s next to the point of distraction. When I get too far ahead, that’s where I find fear, doubt, self-sabotaging thoughts. Why would I choose to keep living in that future? I keep pulling myself into the present moment, toward a calmer, more peaceful and compassionate place.

Now that I’m aware that I’m a move-toward-things kind of person, I will aspire to have clarity about what I want to move toward, what I want to create in my life. I hope to move toward living a life that is vibrantly alive and to obsess much less about whether that appears to be forward or getting ahead.

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