Maureen’s music

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Imagine my delight when I returned from NY last week and had a thick envelope from my friend Maureen awaiting me (Jim knew to put it at the top of the pile that had accumulated)…and inside was another music compilation that she had put onto CD for me and Jim as a Thanksgiving gift. It is awesome! Just like the first one she made earlier this year. I love the energy of the songs. It’s the kind of music that gets under your skin and before you now it you just plain feel good – and, want to sing out loud. Thank you to my dear friend for the fun you bring into my life!

2 thoughts on “Maureen’s music

  1. Of course I had fun making my CD, too, Vicki! and hearing that you enjoyed it is the best news of all. 🙂 You are TOTALLY on fire, you’re killing it in your new job, and it’s about time we heard you ROAR. 🙂 And be brave, too. 😉 Happy Thanksgiving, Queen Vicki of Iowa!

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