Deck time!

Deck time!

Rested, rejuvenated, relaxed. Weekend mission accomplished.

Today I am grateful for time to step away from my work, for time to lose myself. For quality time with Jim – on the deck in the evenings, running along the river, closing the weekend with dinner out and PBS programs. For time with Mother Nature, out in the yard transplanting potted plants, some to bring inside and others to fold back into the earth. For time to nourish, making healthy food in the kitchen, relishing every last drop of my morning coffee, preparing an array of appetizers for our time on the deck.

All this brings not only satisfaction in the moment but also a fresh start to the week. Instead of awaking with resentment for Monday’s arrival, I can embrace a new week with openness, let go of knowing, free myself of expectations, invite curiosity, move into a sense of possibility, seek new perspectives, not try so hard at everything, just breathe into each moment, and know I am enough and I have everything I need.

6 thoughts on “R3

  1. This was so refreshing to read, Vicki! I’m going to keep these same focuses throughout my week as well “I am enough and I have everything I need.” <- it's so easy to forget this as we let our moments get tangled.
    Lovely inspiration.

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