Gates and opportunities

gates and opportunities

Seeing M. Emerson’s quote yesterday made me smile. I connected with his truth: The world is all gates and opportunities. He speaks of possibility.

He also speaks of being an active participant in life, suggesting that gates don’t open and opportunities don’t flow your way without conscious action: Strings of tension waiting to be struck.

Today I celebrate the gates and opportunities in my life and the music I’ve played to make possibilities become reality.

For some time – literally years – I’ve seen an opening in front of me…the possibility of something new, a playground where I would feel alive, where who I am might be best appreciated. And, I’ve been taking steps in the direction of that dream – walking toward the gate.

Well, last week the gate was opened and I was ushered in. I was offered and accepted a new position in IBM, with our Leadership Development organization. I will have responsibility for developing IBM’s next generation of leaders. I am honored to have this incredible opportunity! I’m filled with gratitude for my family and my amazing colleagues and friends who have believed in me, encouraged and supported me.

I see more gates and opportunities ahead. I’m a ready instrument for the music to come. Today, though, I will rest, celebrate, and open to my dreams unfolding.

5 thoughts on “Gates and opportunities

  1. Congrats! How exciting to be starting a new adventure. It’s quite synchronous, you bringing up “gates and opportunities” that’s been coming up in meditation, it seems I’m at a gate and hesitating stepping through… I want to but something is holding me back. I’ll let that quote settle and hope it helps.

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