CB – Possibility


courtesy of wvh10247612mmpp.wordpress.com

I open to what is possible and allow myself to dream. I invite new, bigger, abundantly delicious ideas, turning off the filter of fear, and leaning in to my strengths and capabilities to create something that I only can create. When something lets me down or I feel like I have failed in some way, I  seize that moment of possibility for growth. I breathe in and find determination; I breath out and move one step closer to great things.


To read about where my confidence building series originated, go HERE.

Photo courtesy of wvh10247612mmpp.wordpress.com


One thought on “CB – Possibility

  1. Ah Vicki, this is so you! And you leaning into your strengths and capabilities, dismissing fear, is delicious. I just heard an interesting quote the other day- “Failure is the byproduct of pushing the envelope.” No punishment, just learning & determination for the next attempt. (summarizing what you said above.) Love your confidence building!!! It’s taking us with you!

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