Designing for leadership growth

Design Lab WordleI love my new job.

I see possibilities – where we can make a big difference for people. I am creating new things, and shaping how that creation happens. The stuff I am doing impacts people in powerful ways.

I said in my previous post that last week in NY was one of the best I can remember in my career. I’ve been thinking about why. Because my manager trusted me. Because I got to experiment. Because I was creating. Because I was growing and supporting others in growing. Because I was doing something I found meaningful. Because of the way the team engaged, found their chemistry and created ‘jazz’.

So what exactly was I doing? Creating a leadership experience for those with potential to become future executives. I brought an amazing team together in a ‘design lab’ to co-create something innovative, different, new. We looked at the journey to becoming an executive and laid out how we might support growth along the path. What we created completely blew me away – not only in terms of our vision for the experience we can create for future executives but also in terms of how we all grew and learned from each other and co-created while we were together.

Thanks to my leader role-model, Jill, for believing in me and what I see. Thanks to the team – Chitra, Elizabeth, Ginger, Jennifer, Paul and Marcus – for putting their hearts and minds into the possibilities. Thanks to my husband, Jim, for his patience as I’ve immersed myself in this work.

2 thoughts on “Designing for leadership growth

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  2. It is amazing how the positive focus found during a week of positive and creative team building and development can re-energize ones sense of being leading to love of the experience.

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