Creating Success

Create Success

Since returning from California on Sunday, life has taken on whole different definition of full.

I’m in Austin Texas for IBM’s Technical Leadership Exchange, a one-day conference, where I’ve been invited to share my ideas about creating your success. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the stage – my presentations these days tend to be virtual, given from my home office. Nervous energy has taken a bite out of my appetite and interfered with the usual ability I have to fall asleep the instant my head hits the pillow. Excitement about the opportunity outweighs any fear and I embrace the opportunity to grow from the experience.

For days now I’ve been talking in my head as my mind works its way through the presentation I’ll give tomorrow. I spent several hours today rehearsing out loud, talking to the walls in my hotel room as if they were some engaged and absorbed audience. I lubricated the rough spots in my story line and massaged the ideas until they were flowing.

I know too much of a good thing isn’t good so I’ve made myself pause for other stuff. I’m managing to keep rest of my life moving forward. I spent several hours doing my usual jig, dancing from one conference call to another. I’ve kept up with work emails and instant messages. I got out for a 3-mile run – I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to be outside in shorts and a t-shirt given the inches of snow on the ground back home. I’m even here blogging!

2 thoughts on “Creating Success

  1. You’re going to be awesome, Vicki! I’ll be watching remotely, cheering you on. I’m terribly envious that you’re somewhere warm. Remember, you are amazing and all you have to do is be you. Nothing more. We will all benefit by your natural warmth and interesting view of the universe. Have fun, and relax into the beauty of the moment! Can’t wait to have a post-event rock star celebration! 🙂

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