#beintentional – Day 6 – Flowing


For Day 6 of my 10-day personal #beintentional campaign, I’m asking myself:

When today did I open myself so that ideas were flowing freely for me?


See previous intentions:

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#beintentional – Day 1 – Experiencing It


I’ve decided to support some of my intentions by leading myself on a 10-day personal campaign. Each day I will pose a question for myself to consider. I’ve picked an image and a quote to support me in focusing on the intention throughout the day.

For Day 1 I’m asking myself:

When today was I fully present for an experience?



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Some of her favorite things

bunny-stationaryRemembering my mother-in-law, Kitty, and some of what I recall as her favorite things…

Angel food cake



Precious pups




* The opening image is the cover of stationary cards that Kitty used some years back. (I spent the morning re-reading some of the many, many letters he sent to me and Jim over the 30 years I’ve known her). Below is the back side of the card with credit to the artist.

Bunny Stationary Back.PNG



Where the clouds end


This morning feels like ‘where the clouds end’…and peace, grace and joy are available in the silence and stillness. Missi


Where the Clouds End
By Vicki L. Flaherty

It starts like the rustling of paper
As the wind breezes through the leaves
Dust swirls into a gauzy haze
The skies darken with foreboding
Gray blackness looms like a blanket
Ripe round droplets tap, tap, tap
And crescendo into a deluge
The storm exhausts herself
And the rains back away
Their cleansing work complete
Silence follows the clamor
At the line where the clouds end
The filmy ceiling dissolves into the heavens
Nourishing waters soak deep into the earth
Calming light returns anew
Trees stand steady and tall
Grasses dance with grace
Flowers rise to the joyful sun
Peace lies softly in the air


Poem previously posted on Mostly My Heart Sings

A Prayer for You


Yesterday my mother-in-law passed away quietly in her sleep. In her first day beyond this earthly life, I hope wish her all the things she loved, which I know included the beach – and dogs. This post is dedicated to Kitty.

A Prayer for You
by Vicki L. Flaherty

I whisper into the wind 
that blows gently off the sea
I speak of peace
into the frosty white haze
My prayer released for you
into the blue-gray sky
My hopes carried by the waves
as they roll back from the shore

May you find strength like the rocks
that anchor along the beach
May you feel grace like the birds
who float through the sky
May you find treasure in today
like colorful shells gathered from the sand

Poem previously posted on Mostly My Heart Sings