Nibbling this morning on the abundant deliciuosness of friendship and the three beautiful women who were part of my day:

1) I had lunch with my amazing friend Blair who helped me reach clarity about what I want to change in how I am approaching my work,

2) I had dinner with my sweet friend Kelly who reminded me of the powerful place of heart in our lives, and

3) I went to sleep with thoughts about putting a positive dent in the universe thanks to my awesome strengths-guru friend Maureen.

I am so fortunately to be surrounded by inspiring and wonderful women who show me the way to living this abundantly delicious life. Thank you, Blair, Kelly and Maureen. I love you all!

Nibble Overdose


It’s been awhile since I’ve come over here to share my gratitude and nibbles of abundant deliciousness. In part, because I’ve been so busy consuming. :) My parents rolled in to town (literally since their home is a big RV) on Friday, 9/5, and left first thing this morning. It’s been great having them as neighbors (when they are here, they stay at a lake about 5 minutes from our house).

Jim and I enjoyed sharing our weekend ‘deck time’ with them. We got to celebrate Mom’s birthday. We got to catch up on things (it’s been too long since we were last together in person). We got to reminisce and share stories together.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to take a mid-day break from work every day to enjoy lunch with them. Good practice for finding my way back to some semblance of work-life balance. I had been overindulging in work in a way that was not sustainable – it’s fair to say my folks came to the rescue just in time!


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Learning and stretching

IGLThis week’s nibble of abundant deliciousness was the opportunity to learn and stretch. I spent most of last week in New York at a management development class. Good stuff…very little lecturing and and information overload…lots of practicing using tried and true tools. I left clearer about how I can guide my team in inspiring great leaders. 

My husband was also in some leadership training last week. My learning and stretching continued last night as I reviewed the handouts he brought home. A few ideas got me thinking about how I am interpreting and how I might engage differently with some situations at work: 

  • What looks like resistance is often lack of direction 
  • What looks like a people problem is often a situation problem
  • What looks like laziness is often exhaustion

“What’s really going on?”, I found myself asking…and I opened to new possibilities. 

The quiet sounds of a summer saturday night

???????????????????????????????The nibble of abundant deliciousness that has been playing over and over for me today is my summer Saturday night with Jim. How special it was to sit out on our deck together as the light gave way to dark and the busy-ness of the day gave way to a quiet energy, when the silence of the evening was wrapped only in the sounds of crickets, and the occasional firefly flickered in the fading light. Thanks, Jim, for another precious memory to add to our collection. I love you. 

* The photo is of a bunny that sits in our yard, taken last year. Now he stares at us longingly, across the patch of yard from the deck, sitting under a big beautiful hosta. I wonder what his view was like as he gazed upon us having our nibble of abundant deliciousness…

Goldfinches, great reading and good music

courtesy of

courtesy of

The latest nibbles of abundant deliciousness:

  • Walking with Jim as the sun sets in the evenings, through the park lined with so many yellow wildflowers, and glittered with flitting goldfinches
  • Reading at bedtime a great couple of Harvard Business Review articles [1) Overloaded Circuits: Why Smart People Underperform and 2) The Human Moment at Work] referred to me by my friend Karin, which reminded me – 1) if anyone is going to take care of my health and create work-life balance, it’s me and 2) making time for human connection when working from home is essential
  • Putting a home-made CD of music in the player when driving home from my doctor appointment today (my rotator cuff tendinopathy is not so much a nibble…), cranking it up and singing out loud to the likes of Melissa Etheridge, Martin Sexton, Credence Clearwater Revival, Counting Crows

Hope you are finding nibbles in each of your days…here’s to a meal full this weekend! 

Mentor-mentor: Today’s nibble of abundant deliciousness


Today my nibble of abundant deliciousness is the mentoring relationship I have with another woman at work. We’ve been exploring and playing and creating and delivering together for several years now.

While Jennifer P asked me to be her mentor, the relationship has, from the start, not been about a mentor guiding a mentee – we’ve been a mentor-mentor team that empowers each other to see a possible future and believe it can be obtained. The sharing that happens between us enables us to see into different parts of the organization and to find synergies that would otherwise be invisible.

A few months ago, Jennifer expressed an interest in ‘job shadowing’ me. Given that we don’t live near each other – I work from my home in Iowa and she works in corporate offices in NC – this provided us with a challenge. A couple times now, I have paused at a tough point in my work to share with her what’s going on with me – the challenges I’m facing, the options that I see, the actions I’m taking. Here again, as I look at how we engage, it’s not me showing her, we are showing each other. She regularly shares with me challenges she’s facing, solutions she’s creating.

As we peak into each other’s lives, we share what we see there. Her perspective is always, always insightful. She listens with her heart and gently guides me where I want to go. She listens with her mind and provides ideas that inspire valuable action.

I love that I noticed this nibble at the office today! Thank you, Jennifer, for your partnership along this path we’re walking. I treasure the friendship that is growing out of our experience together.

people who make us happy

This quote was taken from the little book Jennifer gave to me when we met in person earlier this year, You’ll Always Be My Friend…

So many delectable nibbles


Today’s nibble of abundant deliciousness is first and foremost my amazing rock star friend Maureen Monte. Together we have been building purpose and meaning in our lives – we’ve had our challenges, although it’s easier holding hands and cheering each other on from the sidelines.

Just arrived: a copy of Aaron Hurst’s new book, The Purpose Economy, from none other than QM (I call her Queen Maureen for her leadership and regal nature). She always shares such wonderful works with me – not just talking about what she’s reading, but sending me a copy of something that inspires her. I know I will be devouring this book, wouldn’t you? Here’s the last paragraph on the very first page:

It’s a disturbing, but liberating thought — everything is in transition and far less permanent than we imagine. But if little of what we build or experience outlasts us, we can and should give ourselves far more permission to experiment and take risks. Few things cannot change. That means that we possess much more power than we realize, but it also means that even if we make mistakes, they are impermanent and reparable. Things are done a certain way, until they aren’t. You can be the one who makes a change ~Aaron Hurst

As I was easing into the book, reading all the wonderful things others had to say about Mr. Hurst and his thoughtful work, I wondered why I was reading the list of 100 Pioneers (their photos the backdrop of the book cover) on the introductory page. So many people, I must confess, I don’t know. But, I found the reason! I came upon the name of someone that I greatly admire – Rick Fedrizzi, the CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council. I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with him and his purpose-driven staff for 5 years, serving on the Board of an arm of the organization, the Green Building Certification Institute. (In previous posts, I’ve written about being Passionately Strategic in my GBCI Board work, and about my dreams being awakened while attending a Greenbuild conference.) Oh, my, if Rick and what he’s inspired is a sign of where the world is going, I am ready for the ride!


For more nibbles of abundant deliciousness, see my previous posts.

More nibbles

courtesy of

courtesy of

More nibbles of abundant deliciousness (see my earlier posts regarding nibbles and nads…)

  1. watching from my kitchen window a beautiful butterfly feasting on the purple and pink flowers in the pot on my deck
  2. hearing the song of laughter last night when enjoying a lovely dinner outdoors with my girlfriends
  3. seeing the moonlight streaming through the bathroom blinds when I awoke in the middle of the night

What abundant delicious niblets are you noticing?

Weekends are made for nibbling


Yesterday I wrote about a delightful “nibble of abundant deliciousness” – a little pleasure that brings great joy. Well, since then, I’ve been nibbling away. Here are just three of the many N.A.D.s I’ve noticed over the  course of the weekend:

  • the satisfaction of having a freshly mowed and edge yard (the photo is of the backyard) when you put your own sweat into it
  • the joy of hanging out on the deck in the evening with Jim, especially after dark when the candles sparkle like so many joyful lights
  • the anticipation of a lovely dinner party tomorrow night as I prepared a large casserole dish of home-made lasagna, complete with fresh herbs from our garden

Hoping you are out there nibbling, too!