I’ve been at it now for two weeks with my “Confidence Building” series. I’ve been intentionally focusing on my beliefs (Guiding Principles) that I might take little and small actions that are in greater alignment with them, with the hope that being in integrity with who I am and what I want to be creating in this world will sustain my confidence and give me the strength to move through personal and professional challenges. Coincidentally (or not!), what I read this morning in Rolf Gate’s Meditations from the Mat, spoke of Dharma, describing it as the actions you take to live your beliefs and the state and experience of being in harmony with one’s beliefs. Yes, I believe this is about Dharma!


My friend Maureen asked me about a week ago if this focus was abetting my sense of overwhelm and helping with my confidence. I wasn’t sure then. And, even now, it seems hit or miss – certainly not the answer to all that challenges me. Some days it feels like a strong support, other days my anger, frustration or fear are just deep enough it’s hard to take in the advice or perspective. It is helping me make more conscious and aligned choices more often so…

I’m continuing my intentional focus and leaning into Dharma.


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