I choose to be awake to my fears, in all their varied forms…fear of not being enough, fear of going too deep, fear of letting go or getting lost, fear of being amazing, fear of the unknown magic of my dreams coming true. From this place of awareness, I choose to gather  my strength, developed from so many life lessons lived, and move ahead with courage, trusting that with clarity of purpose and calmness of heart, right action will lead me where I want to go.






If I could choose a name for myself – one that would invite me to live into it, it would be Grace. I love the sound of it, something soft and flowing and full of love about it. It feels like a big soul hug. I used to think about grace in terms of movement of the body and rarely measured up when considered in this way, except maybe when  I was deep into a run and had lost myself in it. When I think of it as movement of the soul, then grace feels possible. I sometimes feel graceful when I’m writing. I also feel graceful when I’m really connecting with someone. Grace also finds its way to me when I am still, quiet, and open.


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I’ve been at it now for two weeks with my “Confidence Building” series. I’ve been intentionally focusing on my beliefs (Guiding Principles) that I might take little and small actions that are in greater alignment with them, with the hope that being in integrity with who I am and what I want to be creating in this world will sustain my confidence and give me the strength to move through personal and professional challenges. Coincidentally (or not!), what I read this morning in Rolf Gate’s Meditations from the Mat, spoke of Dharma, describing it as the actions you take to live your beliefs and the state and experience of being in harmony with one’s beliefs. Yes, I believe this is about Dharma!


My friend Maureen asked me about a week ago if this focus was abetting my sense of overwhelm and helping with my confidence. I wasn’t sure then. And, even now, it seems hit or miss – certainly not the answer to all that challenges me. Some days it feels like a strong support, other days my anger, frustration or fear are just deep enough it’s hard to take in the advice or perspective. It is helping me make more conscious and aligned choices more often so…

I’m continuing my intentional focus and leaning into Dharma.


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CB – Love


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I honor all the forms that love takes in my life and the power it has to fuel meaning, connection, tenderness, and so much more. I am grateful for the deep bonds and intimacy that I have with family and friends. I allow my heart to guide me in building relationships born of something substantive and important. I open my heart and shine my light out into the world that I may make even the smallest positive mark on humanity. I remember that to give to others first requires that I care for myself.

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CB – Flow


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I am open and curious and invite new possibility into my life. I make conscious choices about the things I can shape and influence, and I let go of those that are beyond my control. I catch myself thinking ‘should have, could have, would have’ and invite the possibility of moving forward from where I am, without judgment. Going with the flow is not about lack of expectations or caring, it is about finding peace with what is.



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CB – Contentment


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I am grateful for what I have. I resist any urge to compare myself to others or judge myself based on other’s expectations. I have a mindset of abundance versus scarcity. I find peace in just BEing who I am and honoring her throughout the day. I realize contentment is accessible at any moment by moving within, breathing in deeply, and taking stock of all the blessings in my life including the people who touch my life and the opportunities I have to make a difference in the world.


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CB – Joy


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I am deciding to be joy-full today, filled with gratitude for the richness in my life. I look within to find happiness and peace. I let my joy rise to the surface that it may be contagious. I know that finding joy is not something that happens because of certain circumstances but rather because I am brave enough to choose it regardless of the situation.

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CB – Possibility


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I open to what is possible and allow myself to dream. I invite new, bigger, abundantly delicious ideas, turning off the filter of fear, and leaning in to my strengths and capabilities to create something that I only can create. When something lets me down or I feel like I have failed in some way, I  seize that moment of possibility for growth. I breathe in and find determination; I breath out and move one step closer to great things.


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CB – Opportunity


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When I experience resistance, fear, or anger, I look deep inside at the story that’s playing in my head – I check in on what I am making up that creates challenge and difficulty. Rather than default to my typical patterns of thought and action, formed over a lifetime of experiences and influences, I choose to make a small shift in my thinking and look for the opportunity in what is before me.

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.

The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

~Winston Churchill


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Confidence Building – Celebration



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Today is for celebration! I celebrate who I am and what I create in the world. I celebrate the beautiful people who touch my life, the majestic beauty that I find all around me, the opportunities that open to me, the whisper of my dreams and the possibility that lies ahead.


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