#beintentional – Day 5 – Taking Action


For Day 5 of my 10-day personal #beintentional campaign, I’m asking myself:

When today did I take intentional, aligned action toward what I want to be creating in my life?




See previous intentions:


* image courtesy of franklin.edu

* quote from quotesgram


4 thoughts on “#beintentional – Day 5 – Taking Action

    • Yes, I find something so powerful in intention – choice – action for impact. Of course, as a word loving person, I’m not so sure I agree with ‘talk is cheap’ – at least on one level. Talk – and how we use our words – is actually a very powerful thing, when it’s intentional and supports our choices and actions. Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

  1. You’re absolutely right – the stories we tell our selves and the way we speak to one another is critical, and it is something I continue to struggle with. I should have emphasized that I agreed with the top quote – a true intention or belief does not need to be spoken – how many times do we hear leaders whose words do not match their deeds? Or more recently, a sports figure who says, “I will be the face of the franchise!” Saying it is easy. Leading/behaving/performing/caring like you’re the face of the franchise is a far greater and more convincing value proposition to the organization. So much to learn, so little time! 🙂

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