our beautiful selves

Purple Columbine_c
Today’s post is dedicated to my friend Kat. I met Kat about 18 months ago through a community I opened at work. She has brought so much experience and expertise, including leading educational webinars and writing educational blogs. Most enjoyable to me were the 4 virtual mindfulness series we have led together, starting with Stress Less to Awareness in Action to Honoring Your Best Self:Self-Compassion and Loving Kindness to Wise Action: Responding in the Heart of the Storm. For one of our sessions, we focused on core values and during our week of preparation, I was inspired to write a poem, our beautiful selves, in support of our program. Co-creating with Kat is always a lovely invitation to be inspired and alive, filled with appreciation for our beautiful selves.

our beautiful selves
by Vicki L. Flaherty

let us begin
with kindness in our hearts

may we breathe in grace for ourselves
and breathe compassion out into the world

let us pause
opening to our heart-inspired aspirations

may we be silent and still
and connect with the essence of ourselves

in this moment
let us treasure our special gifts and capabilities

may we awaken our vision
and open to possibility stretching like a fertile field before us

let us now fully unwrap our dreams
hold our values tightly and infuse our goals with passion

may we move with confidence and courage
our intentions genuine, clear and bright as a shining sun

let us embrace both the familiar
and the vast and different terrain we encounter

may we be inspired and alive
filled with the honesty and truth of our beautiful selves

* Image is of a purple columbine growing in my backyard.

6 thoughts on “our beautiful selves

  1. Well, I echo the thoughts above, for sure, but I also really like fully unwrapping our dreams. That gave me pause! How many dreams are only unwrapped just a bit, and then put away in a gasp of fear? Or hidden from others even if we see them ourselves? It is all beautiful. Well done.

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