Into the spaciousness life flows


I’ve been cultivating openness. The more I open, the more space I create. And the more space I create, the more abundantly delicious things flow in. Just today it’s been the positive energy of new ideas and co-creating with amazing leaders, creating a piece of art and writing a letter to a friend, and having the brisk north wind literally carry me back home on my afternoon run. And while the tender heart ache of a friend’s cancer diagnosis and a colleague unexpectedly looking for a new job don’t sound very delicious on the surface, the painful emotional turf reminds me that I am alive, that life simply unfolds and carries us.


4 thoughts on “Into the spaciousness life flows

  1. How delicious to acknowledge the hard feelings as well as the good. At a hockey banquet last night, someone read a quote about the best thing a parent can do for their kid is to let them struggle. It doesn’t mean you don’t care, it doesn’t mean you aren’t there if they fall, it doesn’t mean that they must do without you… it means that struggle is part of life and learning how to respond well, in a multitude of ways, is a gift to all involved because everyone learns from it.

    • Yes! It’s holding space for growth and having heart-full intentions. Thanks for sharing, Maureen. Sounds like the banquet was fantastic! Excited that you were able to make a big play with the Cranbrook-Kingswood Men’s Varsity Hockey Team! Vicki

  2. I agree Vicki – the more space you cultivate, the more your life can contain, and the more things flow in when before it seemed there’s no room for such things. Like spaciousness of time, freedom to play, energy to create, just the right number of airmiles to fly four people to Maui. Where does that come from when life is overrun with things to do and tight on time? It comes when you create the space for it and when you’re open to it fully without any resistance to whatever flows in. Thanks for the great blog! You’re an excellent writer – one who can say so much in so little words.

    • Sunita, You, too, write beautifully – just look at your comment. I feel alive just reading it…freedom to play, energy to create…here’s to openness and the spaciousness that’s possible to create with intention. 🙂

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