It’s all about the people

Jennifer Paylor

Jennifer Paylor and I met in the IBM Coaching Community of Practice some half dozen years ago. What a sweet day when we made our connection! So many amazing things have flowed from our shared aspirations and vision for what’s possible. We captured our vision in a coaching approach we call PALs to support IBM delivery teams, and it has spread through a volunteer corps of inspired leaders at all levels of the organization. The logo below is festive because we are celebrating one year since we kicked-off the first PALS training.


As if that weren’t enough, Jennifer inspired us to go further. We also applied the concept to an app to help people engage with teammates and clients in ways that take relationships beyond delivery. Recently we were successful applying for a patent with another of our colleagues, Joseph Kozhaya, around the engagement system. We’re excited that IBM’s Watson might one day benefit the world by being a PAL, too!


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