Splashes and Explosions


It’s taken me awhile to let go of the frustration I’ve been feeling about my inconsistent blogging. Acceptance came as I realized my creative energy is flowing, just more directed in service of my work. I’ve never felt more vibrant and alive at work and can hardly believe the amazing opportunities I have to co-create with my colleagues…strengthening our executives’ leadership as they address real business challenges and inviting greater mindfulness into the way we work. The poem came as an acknowledges that wherever the creative energy is flowing, the faucet sometimes drips and sometimes flows full force.

Splashing and Exploding


there’s only room

for creativity

to splash its energy

onto the canvas

in small bits of color;

other times



in bursts that

take unimagined shape

and fulfill the vision.

*Photo found courtesy of http://genius.com/1907937

6 thoughts on “Splashes and Explosions

  1. Love this Vicki I would be lost without this blogging community. I write and I receive wonderful support and encouragement and in turn my creativity spirals with a yearn to learn more about myself and others.

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