No one but you


When I read Mark Nepo’s inspirational reading for today, I just knew I wanted to share it with my strengths guru friend Maureen Monte. I thought you might enjoy it too! 🙂

“It is a hard challenge to stay true to ourselves in the face of indifference. Rejection and opposition are painful, but being treated as if you don’t exist is quietly devastating. This soft puncture is particularly human. Eagles soar and glide for hours in canyon air, and the fact that no one knows does not lessen their ability to fly. But for us there is a constant elusive heroism in being who we are, especially when we are misunderstood, judged, or ignored. Somehow our need for love gives tremendous power to the opinion of others, and so, we are required to guard against turning our lives over to the expectations of others…No one can really know what you are called to or what you are capable of but you. Even if no one sees or understands, you are irreplaceable.” ~Mark Nepo

And here’s a little meditation you can try from his post, too:

  • Sit with a trusted loved on, and take turns describing a time that you felt inwardly bound to a person or situation that no one else seemed to understand.
  • What made you stay true to what you were feeling? 
  • How well do you know that part of yourself? 

I’ve done this meditation in my life more times that I can even recall…with Maureen, Blair, my Chakra Group, my husband, my parents, my brother…so many cherished people in my life have  sat with me looking through a window into my biggest challenges, deepest fears, and wildest dreams. In the past 10 years I have really opened up to knowing the essence of who I am (thank you Diana and Therese for opening the door with Radical Leadership that I might walk in…) and with each passing year, the calling of my heart gets louder and louder.

2 thoughts on “No one but you

  1. Vicki, what a beautiful post. Thank you for including me, for indeed, the process of being rejected, especially when an organization says they want people like me, has been painful (as you know!) However, I love that it has shaped me into who I am today (not much scares me) and one company’s trash is another company’s treasure. I am who I am, whether or not that is valued, is not on me. Thank you for always encouraging me to fly higher and higher!

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