Life Breathes


This poem was inspired by a conversation I had recently with my friend Blair. A conversation like a dance, following the songs in our hearts, releasing the energy held inside our being. Together we felt the circle of life, as the moment breathed into us. We allowed ourselves to drown in the delicious wetness of light that shined upon us.

Life Breathes

By Vicki L. Flaherty

In. Out.

No moment the same as the one before.

In. Out.

Or the same as any that will come.

In. Out.

Each moment its own unique and precious space.

In. Out.

Without effort, it happens.

In. Out.

It moves on.

In. Out.

It circles, contracting and expanding.

In. Out.

Filling up and releasing.

In. Out.

We move unconsciously with it, not even noticing the beauty of it.

In. Out.

We can pay careful attention to the miracle of it.

* I took this photo at San Agustinillo, Oaxaca, Mexico


7 thoughts on “Life Breathes

  1. Wow. So beatiful, Vicki!
    And yet another amazing sign of how we are all in sync…today before reading your poem I was on a beach (that looks very much like your picture) meditating:
    Just this moment.
    Just this breath.
    In just this body.
    In this precious life.
    Just this…is all there is.

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