As I was running today, I smiled at and said hi to a woman that was walking toward me. I realized how great it feels to smile and acknowledge another person as our paths cross. Maybe there’s a reason our simplest greeting is “Hi” – because it gives you a little high?! :}

6 thoughts on “High

  1. Your remark is so important, Vicki! In fact, I was just thinking that there are two people that I need to coach on how they leverage their strengths. They need to smile when they do it. If they would just smile, it would take the edge off of some of their messages – it would improve the effectiveness of the packaging of their message.

      • Late yesterday I had my coaching session with one of the folks that I felt I needed to tell them to smile more (it is even harder when they are paying you.) At first she didn’t get it at all. Eventually I think she did, we talked about lightness of being, and were able to relate it to someone she knew, so she had a mental picture of what it looked like. But here is the interesting thing – she told me that when people smile at her when they tell her something, she thinks they are hiding something. Therefore, she is very earnest when she imparts info or asks questions (that’s the real issue) of her colleagues. She believes that the topic is serious, so if she isn’t serious, they won’t take her seriously. I think she’s scaring the crap of out them and comes across as the Spanish Inquisition. Anyhow, just wanted to share – thank you!!! Sent the book off to my editor last night, and paused to celebrate – you were with me!

        • Maureen, ah, there’s a mindset under there that might be worth exploring – a belief that people are hiding something. Where does that come from? Perhaps the seriousness could communicate the same thing – being so earnest, you must have something to hide. Hmmm..
          Yesterday was the big day – YOU MET YOUR GOAL – you got the first draft of your amazing strengths sports story off to your publisher. Indeed, I was right there pausing and celebrating with you! Enjoy the fruits of your very hard labor for a while! What an abundantly delicious gift you are creating for the world. Thank you for your commitment to capturing your brilliance – yes, you are BRILLIANT!

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