Do you ever need?

Circle window

Earlier this week, I had the gift of my regular co-creation call with Jana Mitzoda. I sooo look forward to our time together- magic always happens. Also, I was blessed by exchanges with my queen of a friend Maureen Monte, who always encourages me to move toward my greatest, strongest self. These dear friends and colleagues, along with my teammates, Laura, Ruth, and Peter, were just the support I needed to move through a personal challenge this week. This poem is a celebration of the abundant deliciousness of my amazing friends and colleagues.

Do you ever need?

Do you ever need

to be propped up, 

your confidence built up

so you can move forward with some semblance of grace? 

Do you ever need

someone to support you,

to remind you that you are ALIVE

and that if you tune into the energy inside you, you’ll find your way? 

Do you ever need

a reminder that WHO YOU ARE MATTERS

and that you are FREE

and at CHOICE

to show up 

fully YOU? 

* I took this photo on the Lustica Peninsula, Montenegro in the summer of 2014.

9 thoughts on “Do you ever need?

  1. Ah Vicki! If ll the world were as easy to support as you are! It’s a two way street, my friend, and we get what we give. Love that photo – I have one of those! 🙂 Thank you for honoring my talents, as I honor yours!

  2. Hi Vicki, I just listened to a fantastic webinar with Judith Glazer on conversational intelligence and why co-creation thrives when there is trust and space. I found out that half of our genes are transcriptive and get activated by conversation i.e. by interacting we not only transform our thinking but actually transform our genes! That does add another twist to why coaching and mindful communication is essential – it may literally change our epigenetics! Well, this is my way of saying Thanks… I always felt that our contact was so much more than just an exchange of ideas, only now I have the right words – it is an energetic sharing in a joint discovery that strikes me on a genetic level 😉

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