Advice from a Prairie

courtesy of

courtesy of

I picked up a bookmark at the Prairiewoods Retreat Center about 10 days ago when I attended a Wellfinity retreat for women. The bookmark holds my place in the current inspirational book I’m reading (The Book of Awakening: Having the LIfe You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have by Mark Nepo). The name on the bookmark is Advice from a Prairie, and it was created by Your True Nature – Set it free!

My top 3 favorite 3 messages printed on it are:

  • Stay open
  • Give yourself space
  • Be natural

Other Advice from a Prairie includes: explore new horizons, keep a sunny outlook, be patient through dry spells, and listen to the wind.

Visit for more great advice from nature!

Read more about my experience at the retreat: Positively Affirming

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