living closer to goodness


….to find ways to strengthen and live closer to our goodness…requires an everyday attention, an awareness of all that diminishes us, distracts us, and causes us to forget who we are ~Rachel Naomi Remen, from My Grandfather’s Blessings

Seeking integrity, I find myself sitting in silence, looking deep inside for answers that I know are there.

Today I am grateful for the insight and empowerment that has me reclaiming my abundantly delicious life. It didn’t go anywhere, I know, I just let myself veer off the path and had stepped into someone else’s idea about life, ideas that aren’t so abundantly delicious. :]

* Photo take in San Agustinillo, Mexico

3 thoughts on “living closer to goodness

  1. Maureen and Val, thank you for your encouragement. I have a sense of growing in a profound and important way through my work. I’m writing a new story about what’s expected. Today I see the challenges in front of me as invitations to find clarity and live my truth. It’s so great to have you along on this journey. I appreciate you.

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