Throw off the bonds…

I really liked this. I’m grateful to Carol at Radiating Blossom for the beauty she shares in her photographs and curated collection of inspiring quotes and beautiful poetry. She introduced me to Danna Faulds and I like her work a lot.

Radiating Blossom ~ Flowers & Words

Throw off the bonds of your conditioning and fear and
celebrate the wonder of being here.  Experience this
moment as it is, connected by breath and essence to the
whole.  You couldn’t be separate if you tried.
Live this day as if the earth exhales blessings in your
direction, as if trees speak their deepest secrets in your
ear, as if bird songs can lift you outside your ordinary
state of mind and bring you into truth.
Be the creative juice flowing through the universe.  Be
compassion in action and wholeness in motion.  Be silence
and stillness, the ocean of love so palpable that not one
cell of you disputes the truth that you are that.
~~ Danna Faulds ~~

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6 thoughts on “Throw off the bonds…

  1. I just wish I could write with that deep sense of feeling. I don’t have it. I have other senses, but not that deep sense of emotion, kindness, love… I realize I’m focused on the deficit, not the abundance I do have (violating the spirit of your blog name!) but I can’t help but wonder if I don’t have it because it isn’t there, or if I don’t have it because it’s not mined yet… Hmmm… something to noodle on. It’s beautiful – the good news is that even if I don’t have it, I do value it.

    • Love the introspection and inquiry, Maureen. I place my bets on your having it and there being some mining to do. In fact, I know you have it. I have seen it in the compassion and friendship you have shared with me over the years. I see you routinely digging deep within looking for this gold you value. The first step in really having it is being clear that you wan it, and declaring it…so you ARE moving toward writing with a deep sense of feeling…

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