So many bursts of light

A day filled with so many abundantly delicious bursts of light:

Being reminded by my inspirational reading that “…nothing can grow in the dark”, and it inviting my creativity to flow (promise to share my latest poem tomorrow over on my Mostly My Heart Sings blog)

Hearing the dermatologist say ‘nope, that spot on your nose and the one on your neck, they don’t look like cancer’ – and breathing in the peace-of-mind in knowing

Being courageous and continuing my 10-year tradition of giving myself a couple of hours with my doctor appointment to pause and celebrate my health

The gray sky opening up and the sun streaming through the clouds, for awhile at least a literal burst of Mother Nature’s light, inspiring energy

Leaning into the desire to get out for a run, the first urge in days, if not weeks, as the temps shot to the mid 40s

Melting into the messages flowing to me on my audio player from Gabrielle Alpin and her beautiful song, The Power of Love: “…love is the light scaring the darkness away…”

Sharing the Iowa river with a magnificent, dirty dozen bald eagles perched like ornaments on the winter-bare trees

Enjoying the company of my shadow as I ran along the path next to creek and its icy patches of water gently thawing in the warmth and light

Smiling at the dogs gently woof-woofying their hellos as I strided past their homes

Running up the last hill toward the car and experiencing the perfection of the moment as Gabrielle came back on my player: “It’s like the sun came out and the day is clear” (Start of Time)

Slowing my stride and closing my run with a glorious conclusion, answering the question posed by Garbrielle’s final wise words to speaking into my ears, “How do you feel today?” and singing out loud ‘Vibrantly alive!”

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