Strength lies in community

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This past week I had the always joy-full experience of having lunch with my friend Blair, who I’ve mentioned here before (Blossoming with Blair). During our delicious discussion, we got to exploring how we value our independence and how our society supports a sense of individualism AND how we are part of a community and the idea of being of service.

This morning, the universe seemed to be keeping me focused here as I read Rachel Naomi Remen’s chapter entitled Habit in My Grandfather’s Blessings:

Among us the habit of competition and individualism is so ingrained that we seem to have forgotten one of the basic laws of survival: Strength lies in community. But not every culture is as alienated as our own, and, in some, connection and service are simply a way of life.

As I explore how I might be bigger and better and more impactful in the new year, I find myself asking:

  • How am I of service to others?
  • Where do I close myself off to opportunities to be of service to others?

5 thoughts on “Strength lies in community

  1. What an interesting post! I had an experience yesterday that felt filled with competition (and I don’t like competitive situations unless we’re playing a game and all agree we’re competing). I didn’t find the community in it, and wonder if it was an opportunity missed. In fact, as this women tried to create a competitive conversation, and I saw her knowledge was built on a house of cards, I simply backed off altogether so that I didn’t “win”. I tried not to let it diminish my joy in the topic but I’d be less likely to meet with her again. It was the same experience I had with her the last time I saw her years ago. (A mutual friend insisted we connect and catch up). So I find your post very thought provoking, and looking back, I think I wish I had simply put my makeup on, crossed my legs, acted like a lady, and smiled. 🙂 Not community but also not feeding the wrong monster, if that makes sense. Will need to noodle for a while on this one! Thanks Vicki!

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