Through the mist…it’s me

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After a couple of abundantly delicious days of indulgence, I had to get myself outside for a run. The gray day and freezing temp did not stop me this morning. Mother nature couldn’t decide whether to shower us with rain or snow so I ran through the mist, the dampness enveloping me like a hug. Usually it’s sunshine that inspires my energy and gives a little ‘oomf’ to my run. Today it was an inner hunger – a desire to connect with myself.

Outside, on my feet, in movement, it’s just me. My body, my mind, my spirit. Together we escape from the chores and the work and enter our private sanctuary. There’s an inner knowing that goes back nearly 40 years now.

The girl growing up, trying to figure things out

The young professional, trying to figure things out

The settled women, trying to figure things out

I find all of me, in varied colors and shades

I’ve created so much during these intimate moments with myself

Love, joy, strength, peace, hope, faith…

In this movement I’ve experienced life’s rich moments

Finding my way through challenges

Seeing opportunities

Surrendering to anger and disappointment

Opening to happiness and love

With each step comes comfort, connection, clarity.

Through the mist today, I see. Clearly, I see who I am, at my core.

And I feel light and alive.

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2 thoughts on “Through the mist…it’s me

  1. I love your blog post. It reminds me that there really is no destination, only a journey. So embrace the journey, feel and watch the doors open, and suddenly you can love without tether. It’s beautiful, Vicki.

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