I feel complete with who and where I am. Through gratitude and intentional thought and action, I create alignment with my beliefs. When I am in integrity, I honor all aspects of my being and let go of any judgment and attachment that might divide me or leave me feeling broken. I am whole in all my imperfection and brilliance.


This blog and the rest through November are part of my Confidence Building series. (You might also be interested in my posts with my Guiding Principles and on Sustaining Confidence.)

* The photos featured in today’s blog and for the last week of November were all taken in San Agustinillo, Oaxaca, Mexico – a peaceful haven to which I return to year after year to celebrate life with my husband Jim.)


3 thoughts on “Wholeness

  1. Dear, because this posting includes everything for a person to be able “to Be” we were so free to use some elements in our writing about “hoe” and the essence of “being” or the wholesomeness of a creation of God. (We hope you do not mind.)

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