I understand that in order to give OF myself, I must give TO myself. I don’t apologize for taking the time I need to care for myself. I choose to do things that inspire me and that bring joy into my life. It is from there that great things beyond my imagination are possible. Balance opens opportunity. Balance creates strength. Balance provides the foundation for moving forward with confidence.


This blog and the rest through November are part of my Confidence Building series. (You might also be interested in my posts with my Guiding Principles and on Sustaining Confidence.)

* The photos featured in today’s blog and for the last week of November were all taken in San Agustinillo, Oaxaca, Mexico – a peaceful haven to which I return to year after year to celebrate life with my husband Jim.)


6 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Ah, Vicki! If I took the content of this one single post, and did it every day for a year, my world would be so much better…. Maybe that’s going to be MY resolution for 2015. Print this and pin in on my forehead! That way no one will question me when I say, “actually, I need to go for a walk because I’ve been sitting longer than is good for my back.” DELICIOUS!

  2. Balance is such an interesting thing to think about. Funny, I just took this silly facebook quiz that said I use both sides of my brain equally; 50/50. Personally, I never think of balance as a perfect split. For me balance is when everything is working in a wholistic way that does not put undue pressure on one piece more than the other. (BTW we are jealous that you have a dog on the beach)

    • Lorian, I like your definition of balance…different formulas work for different times in one’s live, don’t they? There are dogs everywhere at this beach – we love making new friends on our morning and afternoon walks.

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