I am a brilliant shining light because I live and act from a place of love. I believe in the goodness in myself – that enables me to see the goodness and light in others. I honor my talents and strengths – and all the things that make me uniquely me. I share who I am in ways that are intentional and make the world a more meaningful and alive place to be.


This blog and the rest through November are part of my Confidence Building series. (You might also be interested in my posts with my Guiding Principles and on Sustaining Confidence.)

* The photos featured in today’s blog and for the last week of November were all taken in San Agustinillo, Oaxaca, Mexico – a peaceful haven to which I return to year after year to celebrate life with my husband Jim.)


4 thoughts on “Brilliant

  1. I love that image on the beach – it’s art, yet it isn’t. Yet it is. Kinda like leadership…. So glad to see you reinforcing that there is only one Vicki Flaherty in this world, and that we must keep shining the light on that wonderful blend of passion, belief, human glue, giving, and thinking because out of that special sauce comes one amazing person. And we all – each of us – have the same gift. It’s the same, but it manifest itself differently. Sharing my gratitude for you, Vicki, on this day before Thanksgiving.

    • Maureen, I am so grateful for your friendship and leadership in my life, my friend. I love how you believe in the possibility of each of us as individuals and your commitment to holding up the mirror to our amazing-ness and possibility. Oh, yes, I am feeling really thankful for you, too – and all the abundant deliciousness that is my life. Wishing you a special holiday! Gratitude is brilliant, isn’t it?! Happy Thanksgiving.

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