I invite child-like wonder into my life. I ask questions to dig deeper and explore – why, how, where, when, what… By going slowly enough to take in what’s happening around me, my curiosity is awakened and I am supported in constant movement toward possibility. I seek to stretch and learn and grow. I allow my discovery to be fun and energizing and to embrace a sense of play in what I do.

Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun. ~George Scialabba

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6 thoughts on “Curiosity

  1. I think when you go deeply into curiosity you are being mindful and connected to the present moment. It’s observation, but a very connected kind of observation. I love watching kids get curious about the world. “Hypothesis” was a word I taught my girls early on (around 3 or 4 years old). They know they always have the right to a hypothesis.

  2. Vicki. I have seen your curiosity many a time, so I always knew it was there. You’re kinda on your own treasure hunt, exploring and digging for nuggets of gold, and experiencing delight when you can find them, and leverage them on your confidence journey. This whole adventure is a good reminder of me that we are more aware of the treasures within others than we are of those within us, or at least we are more willing to see them as treasures. Love the quote about imagination…

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