Confidence Building – Acceptance


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I accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. I believe in goodness and light and trust that the world is moving toward harmony and peace. I take responsibility for changing things that create resistance in my life. I am strong, free of denial and moving powerfully forward in my life each time I embrace whatever the moment brings.


To read about where my confidence building series originated, go HERE.


6 thoughts on “Confidence Building – Acceptance

    • Well, since I can’t blurt out a ‘oh heck yeah’ I guess it’s too early to tell. I start strong and grounded and then find myself lost in all the grand invitations for drama that show up in my office chair. If each post influences even one idea or action in a positive direction in a day, it will be worth…so far so good. Not magic, but practical.

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