Mom & The Misadventures of Marjory

MoMcMy mom is still at it! She’s just published another book: The Misadventures of Marjory. It’s actually a reprint of a book written by James Ball Naylor, an Ohio author that my mother wrote a biography about in 2011 (The Final Test) – the original was Naylor’s last novel and written in 1908. Mom’s latest book is the fourth in a tribute series of books she’s published of Naylor’s works (others include Vintage Verse, Ralph Marlowe, and A Literary Playground).

Today she is in Ohio promoting the book and gifting much of her Naylor research collection to Marietta College. My Grandpa Garber would be so proud! He was the inspiration for Mom’s Naylor work. (He was an inspiration for everyone in my family – he saw possibilities in all of us and encouraged each of us in special ways along the path of great opportunities.) I love you, Mom and Grandpa.

Note that my amazing niece Jillian created the artwork for the cover of this book.

Learn more at Turas Publishing and on facebook.



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