Graduated to green

stretch bands


Not sure if I’ve shared that I’ve been having rotator cuff problems on left shoulder on and off for almost a year. I thought I’d taken care of it last Nov-Dec, only for it to show up again late this spring. After resting didn’t seem to do the trick, I found myself back in physical therapy. I’m delighted that with over 2 weeks of doing 6 simple exercises, I am feeling less pain. (Mind you, I had to push through some aggravating days to get to this point!)

This week my physical therapist graduated me from the red band to the green band – apparently I’m ready to add more resistance to my exercises. Driving home from my appointment, I realized how great it feels to make progress, how intentional focus each day – little steps consistently – can make a big difference, and how seeing the momentum building is motivating to keep up the hard work.

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